The Basics of the English Language

Gregory V. Aranda

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Native speakers routinely and effortlessly speak their own language. They don't
talk in terms of subject, verb, predicate, direct or indirect objects and so on. They learned
that practice from the time they started speaking their language -from their parents and
their peers. Their minds then were empty and like a dry sponge that absorbed anything and
everything that came in touch with it! They imitated and repeated everything they heard.
It was only later on in school, as they studied the basics and the syntax of their own
language did they come to realize and see why they talked in the manner they did and
why their spoken sentences have been understandable all along.
An adult, however, acquires a second language a little bit differently. His mind quite
simply demands the "rationale", the "how and the why" of an understandable symbolic
sentence. It starts by learning the basics of a language first and foremost, before any
attempt to construct phrases and sentences -let alone speak in the language -can begin.
This text was written with those thoughts in mind. The language used is simple -not
simplistic -something that an adult learner can easily read and comprehend. The
principles are explained in easily understandable words -all supported by imitate-able
examples. The short stories given at the end of some chapters are narratives a learner can
easily absorbed, relate and enjoy. The text encourages him to tell those same stories to
himself/herself or to their children using a mixture of his/her own words and words taken
from the stories. It is a great builder of self confidence as the learner tries to speak in his
newly acquired second language.


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