Practical Gamma-ray Spectroscopy

Review of First Edition:
"...a rich source of 'all you need to know about gamma-ray spectrometry'" - Magnetic resonance in Chemistry, 1996.

Practical Gamma-ray Spectrometry

Gamma-ray spectrometry is one of the key techniques in the measurement of radioactive materials. Used by scientists from a wide range of disciplines, problems can be encountered by the inexperienced user because there is a deceptive simplicity in gamma-ray measurements that can hide significant pitfalls.

Practical Gamma-ray Spectrometry is aimed at the analyst using the instrument - it is nearer to a workshop manual than an academic treatise. Each chapter ends with a 'Practical Points' section, which is not a summary as such but a reminder of the more important practical features discussed within the chapter. Mathematics is deliberately kept to a minimum and, in most cases, equations are presented as faites accomplis and are not derived. The book is not intended as a survey of the latest research nor a historical study, and there are very few specific references in the text. Those that do exist are put at the end of each chapter, where there will also be found a more general short list of 'Further Reading'.

New features of this edition include:

* A discussion of digital pulse processing
* An explanation of recent changes in the way nuclear data is being kept up-to-date.
* The introduction of the matter of uncertainty budgets, which are of increasing importance, and essential for laboratories seeking formal accreditation.
* An in-depth examination of the measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials
* By way of examples, illustrating practical applications of gamma spectrometry, measurements in connection with the compulsory test ban treaty verification program, decommissioning of nuclear wastes and nuclear material safeguards are discussed.

No previous knowledge of nuclear matters or instrumentation is assumed, and the text can be used by complete beginners. Practical Gamma-ray Spectrometry will enable all those involved with radioactivity measurements to get the most from their equipment. It will also be of value to researchers, instructors and students in university departments where the measurement of radioactivity is routine, such as physics, chemistry, environmental biology, archaeometry and radiochemistry, and in the nuclear industry as a whole.
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  • Preface to the Second Edition.

    Preface to the First Edition.

    Internet resource within the Book.

    1. Radioactive Decay and the Origin of Gamma and X-Radiation.

    2. Interactions of Gamma Radiation with Matter.

    3. Semiconductor Detectors for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry.

    4. Electronics for Gamma-ay Spectrometry.

    5. Statistics of Counting.

    6. Resolution: Origins and Control.

    7. Spectrometer Calibration.

    8. True Coincidence Summing.

    9. Computer Analysis of Gamma-Ray Spectra.

    10. Scintillation Spectrometry.

    11. Choosing and Setting up a Detector, and Checking its Specifications.

    12. Troubleshooting.

    13. Low Count Rate Systems.

    14. High Count Rate Systems.

    15. Ensuring Quality in Gamma-Ray Spectrometry.

    16. Gamma Spectrometry of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).

    17. Applications.

    Appendix A. Sources of Information.

    Appendix B. Gamma-and X-Ray Standards fro Detector Calibration.

    Appendix C. X-Rays Routinely Found in Gamma Spectra.

    Appendix D. Gamma-Ray Energies in the Detector Background and the Environment.

    Appendix E. Chemical Names, Symbols and Relative Atomic Masses of the Elements.


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