Development and Perspectives of Landscape Ecology

O. Bastian, U. Steinhardt, Zev Naveh

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Development and status of landscape ecology - subject of this book During the last decades, landscape ecology has developed tremendously. It concerns both the theoretical basis and practical application. The roots of landscape ecology are geography and biology. The term "landscape ecology" was first coined by the German scientist Carl Troll in 1939. ünce, the devel opment center of landscape ecology was in Central Europe. Recently, also other parts of the world became powernd centers of landscape ecology, es pecially Northern America. American approaches partly differ essentially from the European, because they are focused esp. on biogeography and population dynamics. In Europe, however, the geographical roots of land scape ecology playamajor role. Landscape is defined as a complex of abiotic, biotic and human components. Mainly due to linguistic barriers, the international discussion does not take notice of approaches and experiences from non-anglophone countries in a sufficient manner. Therefore this book considers more the German and European views on landscape ecology than the books which were published before. It tries to bridge the gaps between theory and practice of landscape ecology, as well between the Ger manlEuropean and American approach es. The book gives a fundamental representation of landscape ecology, which proves to be a young, but an interesting and very important transdisci plinary science for the solution of environmental problems. Both the theo retical basis and practical application of landscape ecology are considered.


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Herausgeber O. Bastian, Uta Steinhardt
Seitenzahl 498
Erscheinungsdatum 31.01.2003
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-4020-0919-8
Verlag Springer Netherland
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  • Contributors. Acknowledgements. Preface. Foreword by Zev Naveh. 1: Landscape and Landscape Ecology. 1.1. The Landscape Concept (What is a Landscape?) 1.2. Landscape Ecology. 1.3. Disciplinary and Meta-Disciplinary Approaches in Landscape Ecology. 1.4. Landscape Ecology in Different Parts of the World. 2: Landscape Structures and Processes. 2.1. Vertical Landscape Structure and Functioning. 2.2. Landscape Complexes. 2.3. Landscape Elements. 2.4. Landscape Ecological Paradigms: Correlation - Hierarchy - Polarity. 2.5. Landscape Boundaries, Ecotones. 2.6. The Catena Principle. 2.7. Water-bound Material Fluxes in Landscapes. 2.8. Dispersal of Organisms - Biogeographical Aspects. 3: Landscape Analysis, Synthesis and Diagnosis. 3.1. Approaches and methods of Landscape Diagnosis. 3.2. Landscape Analysis: Investigation of Geocomponents. 3.3. The Indicator Principle. 3.4. Landscape Ecological Complex Analysis. 4: Landscape Change and Landscape Monitoring. 4.1. Landscape Change: History of the Landscape. 4.2. Landscape Monitoring. 4.3. Landscape Prognosis: Future Landscapes. 5: Landscape Assessment. 5.1. Ecological Carrying Capacity and Stability. 5.2. Landscape Functions and Natural Potentials. 5.3. Landscape Evaluation. 5.4. Landscape Assessment and Multicriteria Optimization. 5.5. Landscape Perception and Aesthetics. 6: Landscape Investigation Methods/Tools. 6.1. Landscape Ecological Mapping. 6.2. Landscape Information Systems. 6.3. Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing. 6.4. Models in Landscape Ecology. 7: Applications of Landscape Ecology. 7.1. Landscape Ethics and Sustainability. 7.2. 'Leitbilder' for Landscape Development. 7.3. Landscape Planning. 7.4. Environmental Impact Assessment. 7.5. Farming and the Landscape: Structures of Organic and Conventional Farms. 7.6. Tourism and the Landscape: A Mutual Relationship. 7.7. Nature Conservation. 7.8. Historical Landscapes and Landscape Elements. 7.9. Sustainable Develiopment of Cities and Urban Regions. 7.10. Urban Ecology. 7.11. Restoriation Ecology. 7.12. Participation of Different Actors in a Landscape. References. Glossary. Index.