The Gender Perspective

Innovations in Economy, Organisation and Health within the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

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The constitutional and legislative framework within the Southern African Development Community provides a positive institutional environment to ensure mainstreaming gender concerns. However, the translation and implementation of the gender perspective is at times lacking. Both agenda setting as an instrument of change management and reorganisation procedures are not used enough in the fields of economy, organisation and health. These three areas are crucial partly due to their interconnectivity and also because of their vital importance to the successful sustainable development of SADC nations. This volume results from the findings of a conference hosted by the Institute of Women and Gender Studies, Kiel, and the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, Pretoria.


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Herausgeber Isabell Welpe, Britta Thege, Shirley Henderson
Seitenzahl 440
Erscheinungsdatum 30.11.2004
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-631-52599-9
Verlag Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
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  • Contents: Janis Grobbelaar: Foreword – Maxi Schoeman: Volume introduction: Where are the women and how are they today? An overview of the SADC region – Isabell Welpe: Introduction to economy within SADC – Ingrid Verwey: Discrimination and oppression that hamper entrepreneurial performance of women construction entrepreneurs – Amanda Du Preez: Is the subject of science and new technologies still sexed and gendered? – Matthias Spörrle/Isabell Welpe: Gender and entrepreneurship in South Africa - an exploratory empirical investigation – Britta Thege: Introduction to gender mainstreaming and organisations – Julie Stewart: Mainstreaming women and gender concerns: a missing link? – Karin Van Marle: A tentative response to gender mainstreaming inspired by some feminist reflections – Sheila Meintjes: The implications of institutionalising gender mainstreaming: Will it mainstream or sidestream gender issues? – Ingelore Welpe/Shirley Henderson/Britta Thege/Rina Wilken: An analysis of the gender dynamics in some faculties of the University of Pretoria – Ingelore Welpe/Shirley Henderson/Britta Thege/Rina Wilken: Phenomenon, place and perpetrator. An investigative study into sexual harassment at the University of Pretoria – Shirley Henderson: Introduction to health within SADC – Marjorie Jobson: The intersections of gender, HIV/AIDS and human rights – Michael Whisson: Aids in Africa - the mystification of a disease – Isak Niehaus: «Now everyone is doing it»: Conceptualising transformations of sexual violence in the South African Lowveld – Catherine F. Botha: Genetic technologies and gender: Why should the SADC care? – Ingelore Welpe: Volume conclusion: The Gender Perspective - the driving force for innovations and socio-economic development.