The Complete Works of Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette, The Professor, Emma (unfinished), Tales of Angria, Mina Laury, Stancliffe's Hotel, The Story of Willie Ellin...13 Titles in One Edition (Including Novels & Juvenilia)

Charlotte Brontë

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Tales of Angria (Mina Laury, Stancliffe's Hotel) + Angria and the Angrians:
Charlotte Bronte, together with her brother Branwell, created the imaginary kingdom of Angria in 1834. She was to write several Angria tales for the next five years. The Tales of Angria offer an ironic portrait of the intrigues, scandals, and passions. The stories provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind and creative processes of the young writer who was to become one of the world's greatest novelists.
The Story of Willie Ellin:
This unfinished fragment contains the poignant story of an abused child.
Albion and Marina:
A romance about star-crossed lovers, Albion and Marina is a trial run by 14-year-old Charlotte Bronte for Jane Eyre.
Tales of the Islanders:
The four volumes of tales collected here make delightful reading, while offering a unique insight into Brontë family life and Charlotte's development as a writer: these are the stories she and her siblings imagined for their magic island kingdom. The stories are charmingly written in a very fairytale-esque style. They are written by a child and therefore are sometimes hard to follow when the stories make big turns, which force the reader to read them slowly and devour each sentence.
The Green Dwarf:
Lady Emily Charlesworth is in love with Leslie, a struggling artist. Lord Percy, a fierce, arrogant aristocrat, will do anything to lay his hands on Leslie's chosen bride. With its exotic melange of political intrigue, amorous subterfuge, and Gothic scenery, The Green Dwarf reveals the dynamic and experimental nature of Brontë's writing. Charlotte Brontë is best remembered for her perennially popular novel Jane Eyre.


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