Interview with the swamp's ghost

Maria Lampatharithou-Pothou

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"Forgive me for being away, I will wait for you in three days time."
"Thank you for relieving me of my agony. I love you."
Outside my closed door I found a tray of covered food. I took it inside. Just as mother would leave them to me, I would leave at a corner. My body was still tense by the agony. Because of the adventure I jsut had. I glanced at my watch. It was close to midnight. Andrew would leave in a little while, perhaps he even now walks over mist-covered paths. My soul is choking. I get up carefully, not to make a sound, and open the window. He will come to say goodbye, so I wait. He might come holding Dimitra by the hand, I say again. And I peer through the darkness. A light wind is blowing, making the canopy of leaves shudder.

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