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Writing Meaningful Teacher Evaluations - Right Now!!

The Principal's Quick-Start Reference Guide

Writing Meaningful Evaluations----Right Now!! is an instrument designed to quickly and easily facilitate the completion of quality performance-based written evaluations. The book serves as an invaluable aid to not only experienced administrators and supervisors, but most especially to those new to the task of conducting written evaluation documents. The book supplies users with quick and efficient variety of tools necessary for writing fact-filled, performance-based, comprehensive, quality teacher evaluations. It seeks to empower educators in their effort to meet goals efficiently and expeditiously, pertaining to monitoring, assessing, and documenting instructional performance. This innovative guide can be used to transpose those competencies into the universal language of education.

Cornelius L. Barker is a much sought-after lecturer for school and community groups on the subject of current cognitive and behavioral trends exhibited by today's youth.His career in education has spanned more than 25 years in the capacity of classroom teacher and administrator on both the elementary and secondary levels.


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  • Foreword to the Second Edition - James Burke
    Foreword to the First Edition - Angela M. Raim0, Ed.D., J.D.
    Claudette J. Searchwell
    About the Authors
    Why Is This Guide Needed?
    What a Good Written Evaluation Looks Like
    PART 1. Writing the Evaluation: Performance Statements, Vocabulary Aids and Suggested "Pats on the Back"
    Section 1. Proficiency With Curriculum
    Performance Statements
    Section 2. Evaluating Student Growth
    Section 3. Preparation and Readiness
    Section 4. Instructional Performance
    Section 5. Interaction/Climate
    PART 2. Other Helpful Resources for Writing Performance Evaluations
    Section 6. Common Areas of Concern, With Suggested Remedies
    Section 7. The Evaluation Organizer
    Section 8. Sample Written Evaluations, With Commentary
    Section 9. Cross-Reference of Key Terms
    Section 10. Chronology of Evaluation Activities
    Section 11. Record of Evaluations
    Section 12. A Checklist of Basic Documentation and/or Conditions
    Section 13. Pre-Post Conference Form
    Section 14. Informal Observation Form
    Section 15. Clinical Observation Data Sheet
    Section 16. Suggested Planbook-Rollbook and Homework Comments
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