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The Witch with the Trident Tattoo (The Coastal Coven, #1)

The Coastal Coven

Can a Navy SEAL and a sea witch believe in each other enough to save their seas?

To the world at large, Ella Stone is a marine scientist, working to understand and preserve the oceans.

But she's also a gifted sea witch, born with an affinity for water and the ability to speak with sea creatures. To guard her secrets, she keeps to herself and trusts no one.

Noah Drago is a commercial fisherman. He's also an ex-Navy SEAL who's seen and done things that left scars on his body and soul. Now he keeps to himself and trusts no one.

But when Noah accidentally discovers the sexy scientist who hired him is much more than she seems, her secrets rock his world like a storm at sea, and soon he finds himself diving into a world of myth, magick and passion.

Can the two loners break through old seawalls and trust each other? And if so, will their growing love and all Ella's magick be enough to save them and their precious ocean from an encroaching evil bent on destroying all marine life?

Dive into the perilous sea with Ella and Noah-get your copy of this enchanting novella today!

Hettie and Evan's story, The Crystal Witch, follows the novella in this volume.


A lifetime avid reader, I love creating worlds where anything is possible. Always with an element of the paranormal my stories end with a happily-ever-after. I live in Central Oregon, a very short drive to the Cascade Mountains in one direction, and a short drive to the desert in the other direction..
If you enjoyed Ella and Evan's story please leave a review where you bought the book. Writers like to know what you like, and don't like about their stories.
I am in an anthology of short stories "Love & Magick", with two other authors. My first witch story "The Crystal Witch" is in the anthology. Check it out and discover two more really good authors.
You can reach me at the following places:
Website: dianamccollum.weebly.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/dianamccollumauthor/
Twitter: @Dianasuemcc

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