Hanna never closes her eyes

Luigi Ballerini

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"The Nazis can seize everything from us, but not our memories, neither our urge to recount and share them with the loved ones . They can seize our photographs, destroy the frames with the embroidery, take away our books, steal all our life collected object s , but they cannot prevent us to think and remember , at least not as long as we are alive..." Thessalonica, 1943.SS have come to the city in order to exterminate the big and rich Jewish community that has been living there for centuries , expelling all families and stealing their fortunes ,while the trains leave continuously for destination Poland and the concentration camps , in Thessalonica , ruined from the nazi rage, two stories roll at the same time.
The story of Hanna and Josef, two fifteen year-old children who lived in the Kalamaria ghetto and seek a salvation board in order to escape from the violence and the atrocities of Nazis and the story of the Italian consul Guelfo Zamponi and Italian captain Loutsillo Mertsi, who strive against time to save as many human lives they can.
A shocking novel that is based on real facts and carries the message of hope, humanity and real solidarity.

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