Modern GreekMythology

Auguste Corteau

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"Welcome my boy" says Uranus to Saturn who was approaching from the end of the beach holding something mysterious in his hand, hidden from the glare.
"Hello father" he answers. "I came to play rackets with you".
"I cannot see any balls".
"And you will not see any again either".
How many illegitimate children did Jupiter have? What did Pythia drink and came out with such erratic oracles? Did big Hercules really carried out the twelve feats or Eurystheas cheated on him on the 90th minute of the game? And was that girl Ilithyia really so dump as her name indicates or it is a misunderstanding and we use her name for no reason? These and other important questions are answered in the Modern Greek Mythology. Making a parody of the Isiodos' myths in a delirium way and in a permanent dialogue with the insuperable Tsiforos' Greek Mythology, this book creates all the beloved stories of our childhood years, lighing up the hilarious side of the fascinating adventure that the ancient Greeks came up with in order to interpret the world. Without gods, semigods and their endless adventures, the truth that the philosophers were and still are looking for would be a little boring.

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