Christos Chomenidis

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... the white deer ... Whoever has tasted it will ensure you that happiness can also reside in the palate. Whoever has tasted it has tasted paradise.

At the moment of its violent death , the young white deer excretes a psychotropic, anxiolytic and aphrodisiac substance , that has not been detected anywhere else in nature. That has not been prepared in any laboratory . The young white deer enslaves lifelongly those who they never ate it. In the prospect of a second time they are willing to break oaths, and knock down their own world, to betray their friends. Why should I be an exception? "

Ex writer, former citizen of the world, beautiful in the past ages, Minas Avlamis has withdrawn himself for seven years in Corfu. He has chosen an everyday routine with no excitements and vibrations. He has decided to never change it for noone and no reason.

The young white deer will get him back out on the road and will lead him to a strange city in Western Macedonia. There it will be confronted with his entire past. His own people, the most intense relations of his life will encirle him in order to judge him or to forgive him.

However only Minas Avlamis can expiate himself for the dreadful and concealed sin that shattered him one afternoon off the island of Tinos...

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