Analysis and Evaluation of the Eurex Repo Market Model

Monika Gruber

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  • Analysis and Evaluation of the Eurex Repo Market Model


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The first cross-border merger of exchanges in Europe, in 1999, happened even across the borders of the EU when the national derivatives markets of Germany and Switzerland created Eurex. In 2000, Euronext, the second big merger project, became reality. The Exchanges of Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels created a new joint platform with corporate structure. Norex, Virt-X, Newex are further merger projects. During the last decade, not only the institutional framework of exchanges has changed, but also the popularity of different products that are traded on the new platforms. Currently the derivatives market, in particular the trading with repurchase agreements, experiences major growth in Europe as well as in the U.S. The Eurex Repo platform observes a steady increase of outstanding volume, due to the fact that Eurex Repo is the only electronic market that offers repo transactions with the shortest possible term of just one night (overnight repo transaction).
The goal of this paper is to analyse and to critically assess the Eurex Repo market model mentioned above, which is currently treated as the most efficient and successful trading platform for derivatives, with a specific focus on repurchase agreements.
Chapter 2 aims to give answers to the following questions: What is a repurchase agreement? Which are the characteristics of repo markets in general? Which risks are associated with repos and how does the pricing of repos work? Which other instruments for liquidity management do exist for banks?
The purpose of Chapter 3 is to give an overview of the derivatives market in general, past business methods, the intermediating role of banks and exchanges, and the dynamic development of the derivatives market. In addition, the Eurex market model will be described, as well as competing market players in Europe and the U.S.
In Chapter 4, the main focus is put on the examination and evaluation of the Eurex Repo market model in order to investigate the key drivers in this model. Considering Eurex¿ expansion to the U.S., where the originally European exchange is competing with the major North American exchange CBoT since February 2004, and the advance of Eurex¿ main competitor Euronext, the future perspectives for the Eurex Repo market model will be explored.

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Monika Gruber wurde 1971 geboren und wuchs auf einem Bauernhof in Tittenkofen, Landkreis Erding auf. Sie war Fremdsprachensekretärin und schloss eine Schauspielausbildung an der Schauspielschule Zerboni ab. Ab 2000 war Gruber fünf Jahre lang Ensemblemitglied der Iberl-Bühne bei Georg Maier in München. 2005 ging sie mit ersten kabarettistischen Bühnenprogrammen auf Tour und ist regelmäßig im Fernsehen präsent.


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