An Account of the War in Portugal Between Don Pedro and Don Miguel

Set an Account of War in Portugal Between Don Pedro Don Migue

Charles Napier

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Charles Napier (1786-1860), a brave but controversial naval officer, became a hero in Britain after taking part in major battles during a sixty-year career. In this two-volume work, published in 1836, Napier gives a first-hand account of the Portuguese Civil War, in which he was a key participant.


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ISBN 978-1-108-05418-8
Verlag Cambridge University Press
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  • Preface; 1. State of Portugal after the decease of Don John; 2. Administration formed by Don Pedro; 3. Feelings of the troops and islanders; 4. General attack on the Miguelite army behind the Souza; 5. Count Villa Flor attacks the Miguelites on the south of the Tagus; 6. The Miguelites attack Oporto; 7. Successful attack on Villa Nova, by the troops of Don Pedro; 8. Oporto strictly blockaded; 9. The Miguelites are foiled in an attack on Oporto; 10. Reception of the author at Oporto; 11. Difficulty in obtaining water; 12. The queen's fleet anchors in Lagos bay; 13. Folly of Don Miguel's ministers; 14. Don Pedro arrives in Lisbon; 15. Description of the entrenchments of Lisbon; 16. General Macdonnell replaces Bourmont as commander of the Miguelite army; Appendix.