Top Dog

The Science of Winning and Losing

Ashley Merryman, Po Bronson

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  • Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing

    CD (2013)

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    CD (2013)


Compete better...

In a competitive situation our bodies can experience the same level of stress hormones as jumping out of a plane. Competition is often the key to outstanding achievement. But what is it that makes the difference between rising to the challenge and buckling under pressure?

Using groundbreaking studies in diverse scientific fields, Bronson and Merryman demonstrate that understanding how to harness our competitive fire means we can perform our best - whether the contest is sporting, academic or in the workplace.

Why are men typically prepared to gamble on long or even stupid odds and women aren't?

Why do some less talented students consistently outperform their smarter class mates in crucial exams?

Why do higher levels of testosterone actually make you less selfish and more cooperative and cognitively astute?

Why do so many market-leading companies cede their top position because they become risk averse at the wrong times?

Why do sports teams where the pay differential between players is the greatest win more?

The answer to all this and more is in New York Times no.1 bestselling authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman's Top Dog:The Science of Winning and Losing

'A great read for those paralyzed by the fear of failure as well as thosewho hunger for success'
Huffington Post

"Illuminating and entertaining"

Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Illuminating and entertaining, with some surprising insights Kirkus Reviews Accesible for fans of pop science, yet substantial enough to have practical applications, Bronson and Merryman's investigation will have folks rethinking the impulse to win at work and play Publisher's Weekly


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Erscheinungsdatum 19.02.2013
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Verlag Random House Children's Books
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