The AIG Story

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Lawrence A. Cunningham, Maurice R. Greenberg

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Selected as one of Motley Fool's "5 Great Books You Should Read"
In The AIG Story, the company's long-term CEO Hank Greenberg (1967 to 2005) and GW professor and corporate governance expert Lawrence Cunningham chronicle the origins of the company and its relentless pioneering of open markets everywhere in the world. They regale readers with riveting vignettes of how AIG grew from a modest group of insurance enterprises in 1970 to the largest insurance company in world history. They help us understand AIG's distinctive entrepreneurial culture and how its outstanding employees worldwide helped pave the road to globalization.
* Corrects numerous common misconceptions about AIG that arose due to its role at the center of the financial crisis of 2008.
* A unique account of AIG by one of the iconic business leaders of the twentieth century who developed close relationships with many of the most important world leaders of the period and helped to open markets everywhere
* Offers new critical perspective on battles with N. Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the 2008 U.S. government seizure of AIG amid the financial crisis
* Shares considerable information not previously made public
The AIG Story captures an impressive saga in business history--one of innovation, vision and leadership at a company that was nearly--destroyed with a few strokes of governmental pens. The AIG Story carries important lessons and implications for the U.S., especially its role in international affairs, its approach to business, its legal system and its handling of financial crises.

Maurice R. Greenberg is Chairman and CEO of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. He joined C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. as Vice President in 1960 and was given the additional responsibilities of President of American Home Assurance Company in 1962. He was elected Director of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. in 1965, Chairman and CEO in 1968 and continues in that role. Mr. Greenberg retired as Chairman and CEO of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) in March 2005, after serving as Chief Executive Officer from 1967. Under his leadership, AIG became the largest insurance company in the world and generated unprecedented value for AIG shareholders. During the nearly forty years of his leadership, AIG's market value grew from $300 million to $l80 billion.
Lawrence A. Cunningham is the Henry St. George Tucker III Research Professor at the George Washington University Law School and Director of GW's Center for Law, Economics and Finance (C-LEAF) in New York. Previous books include Contracts in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts and Why They Matter (Cambridge University Press 2012). His writings-on a wide range of business and legal topics-have also appeared in leading scholarly journals and such periodicals as the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the New York Daily News.

'...this book is a compelling chronicle of one of the great business success storied of the twentieth century as well as a history of the evolution of global capitalism over the past six decades' (Continuity Insurance & Risk, February 2013)


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    Preface xiii

    Acknowledgments xxi

    Part One

    Chapter 1 Independence 3

    Chapter 2 Innovation 19

    Chapter 3 Succession 31

    Chapter 4 Vision and Culture 43

    Chapter 5 The Internationalist 53

    Chapter 6 Raising the Iron Curtain 63

    Chapter 7 Opening Trade in Services 79

    Chapter 8 Reopening China 95

    Chapter 9 The Life Business 111

    Chapter 10 The Domestic Front 125

    Chapter 11 Investments 139

    Chapter 12 Governance 149

    Part Two

    Interlude 167

    Chapter 13 Hostile Change 171

    Chapter 14 Restating History 189

    Chapter 15 Civil War 203

    Chapter 16 Saving the Starr Foundation 213

    Chapter 17 Chaos 223

    Chapter 18 Nationalization 243

    Epilogue 261

    Notes 265

    About the Companion Web Site 309

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