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The Vulture

First published in 1970 and digging the rhythms of the street, where the biggest deal life has to offer is getting high, THE VULTURE is a hip and fast-moving thriller. It relates the strange story of the murder of a teenage boy called John Lee - telling it in the words of four men who knew him when he was just another kid working after school, hanging out, waiting for something to happen.

Just who did kill John Lee and why?
Gil Scott-Heron was born in Chicago. He has been opening eyes, minds and souls for over forty years. A highly influential and widely admired singer, proto-rapper, jazz pianist, published poet, novelist and socio-political commentator, Scott-Heron remains a unique and major figure in global music. With over twenty albums to his name, his politically charged output has won him an international following. His work illuminates a philosophy of life that holds human affection as well as political and artistic responsibility the underlying factors that inspire his writing.
* For more than two decades, [Gil Scott-Heron] has been committed to examining those facts of the human condition that most of us would rather forget ... he is an artist who has crafted witty but crucial insights for Black America. Washington Post * A tense and intriguing murder mystery. Scott-Heron creates a fascinating portrait of late 60s New York. Mojo * They are impressive and ambitious works that vigorously mix street savvy and intellectual flair. GQ [On THE VULTURE & THE NIGGER FACTORY] * With the pace of cleanly constructed thrillers they wield the force of a highly focused political consciousness ... the clash of voices gives them a potency, both political and literary, which has survived changes in fashion. Herald [on THE VULTURE & THE NIGGER FACTORY] * There's plenty of tension and sex, but also a whole heap of politics. These are ace period pieces. Select [on THE VULTURE & THE NIGGER FACTORY] * The books are drenched with the dark overtones of America's underworld, battered by the storms of politics and race. They are as sexy as they are psychotic. City Life [on THE VULTURE and THE NIGGER FACTORY]
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