Russian Models from the Mechanisms Collection of Bauman University

History of Mechanism and Machine Science Band 5

In 1998 the chairman of the Russian National Committee of TMM Professor Arcady Bessonov, recommended one of authors of this book to be come a member of the IFToMM Permanent Commission on the History of Mechanisms and Machines Sciences (PC HMMS). Willy-nilly from this time the history of technique, as hobby passed on to a serious the employment in the history of engineering science. Interest history of a subject is natural for Professor, a leading a course of Theory of Mechanisms and Machines in Bauman University. This interest is supported by the fact that Bauman University is one of the oldest technical universities in Russia, and the course "Applied Mechanics" - later "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines" was the first systematic course in Russia. The second author supervises a cycle of laboratory works on TMM. Models of mechanisms are placed in laboratory in show-windows of ancient cases quite possibly coevals of the first course. He became interested in contents of these cases: firstly in models, and then in their origin. Later he occupied himself with the creation of a web-site "The Collection of mechanisms in department TMM in Bauman University". Gradually both authors had the idea of cooperation, although several years previously, we could not imagine this happening. We took an active part in the work of PC HMMS from 2000. It was promoted by of chairman of the commission Professor Marco Ceccarelli.

From the reviews:

“The present book under review will be of great value to everybody interested in the history of mechanisms and machine sciences, and will hopefully re-kindle the interest in completing the classification of and the required maintenance work for some of the models at the Bauman University’s TMM department.” (Franz Selig, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1182, 2010)
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  • PREFACE BY SERIES EDITOR; PREFACE ; INTRODUCTION ; Brief History of Bauman University (IMTS-BMSTU) 1 'APPLIED MECHANICS' .TM M IN BAUMAN UNIVERSITY; 1.1 The first course of the Theory of Mechanisms ; 1.2 Enlargement and development of the course ; 1.3 Semigraphical methods of Professor L. Smirnov (1929-1949); 1.4 Smimov's pedagogic school ; 1.5 Recent times ; 2. HISTORY OF APPLIED MECHANICS CABINET AND MECHANISMS COLLECTION; 2.1 The first models and start of collection; 2.2. Chebyshev's mechanisms ; 2.3. Demonstration models of N . Joukovsky ; 2.4. Further accumulation of the collection by Professor L . Smimov; 2.5. Professor Lenoid Reshetov's contribution ; 2.6 Contribution of Professor Vladimir Gavrilenko's scientific school ; 2.7. New times, problems and perspective views ; 2.8. Classification of mechanisms of the Bauman University collection; 3 RUSSIAN MODELS W THE BMSTU MECHANISMS COLLECTION ; 3.1. Models of kinematic pairs and statically determinate connections ; 3.2. Linkages ;3.3. Cams ; 3.4. Model of toothed tnechanisms; 3.5. Models of explosion engines; 3.6. Models of typewriter printing mechanisms; 3.7. Mechanisms of locomotive devices; 3.8. Mechanisms of Kazan's scientific school ; 3.9. Models of the Reshetov scientific school ; 3.10. Models of the Gavrilenko scientific school; 3.11. Models developed by special construction departments; 3.12. Models created by the authors of the book; APPENDIX; REFERENCES; BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES; NAME INDEX; SUBJECT INDEX .
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