Information Hiding

First International Workshop, Cambridge, U.K., May 30 - June 1, 1996. Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 1174

Ross Anderson

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This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the First International Workshop on Information Hiding, held in Cambridge, UK, in May/June 1996, within the research programme in computer security, cryptology and coding theory organized by the volume editor at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge.

Work on information hiding has been carried out over the last few years within different research communities, mostly unaware of each other's existence. The 26 papers presented define the state of the art and lay the foundation for a common terminology. This workshop is very likely to be seen at some point as one of those landmark events that mark the birth of a new scientific discipline.


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  • The history of steganography.- Computer based steganography: How it works and why therefore any restrictions on cryptography are nonsense, at best.- Hiding data in the OSI network model.- Stretching the limits of steganography.- Trials of traced traitors.- Establishing big brother using covert channels and other covert techniques.- Covert channels—A context-based view.- Covert channel analysis for Stubs.- Anonymous addresses and confidentiality of location.- MIXes in mobile communication systems: Location management with privacy.- Hiding Routing information.- The Newton channel.- A progress report on subliminal-free channels.- Modeling cryptographic protocols and their collusion analysis.- A secure, robust watermark for multimedia.- Modulation and information hiding in images.- Watermarking document images with bounding box expansion.- The history of subliminal channels.- Blind decoding, blind undeniable signatures, and their applications to privacy protection.- Practical invisibility in digital communication.- Fractal based image steganography.- Echo hiding.- Tamper resistant software: an implementation.- Oblivious key escrow.- HMOS: Her Majesty's Orthography Service.- Information hiding terminology.