Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling

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From the author of The Jungle Book and Kim, Just So Stories is the perfect combination of education and fun to get kids to love reading. It is considered not only a quintessential children's book, but one of Kipling's best works.

How did the elephant get its trunk? How did the leopard get its spots? And how was the alphabet made? Rudyard Kipling's classic collection of fables answers the great questions of animal and humankind in a fun, eloquent and magical way for children and adults alike. Kipling's beautifully imaginative answers echo the animal fables he heard during his childhood in India, paired with the folk tales he collected throughout his life.

About the Author:

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was born in Bombay, but educated in England at the United Services College, Westward Ho, Bideford. In 1882 he returned to India, where he worked for Anglo-Indian newspapers.

His literary career began with Departmental Ditties (1886), but subsequently he became chiefly known as a writer of short stories. A prolific writer, he achieved fame quickly. Kipling was the poet of the British Empire and its yeoman, the common soldier, whom he glorified in many of his works, in particular Plain Tales from the Hills (1888) and Soldiers Three (1888), collections of short stories with roughly and affectionately drawn soldier portraits. His Barrack Room Ballads (1892) were written for, as much as about, the common soldier. In 1894 appeared his Jungle Book, which became a children's classic all over the world. Kim (1901), the story of Kimball O'Hara and his adventures in the Himalayas, is perhaps his most felicitous work. Other works include The Second Jungle Book (1895), The Seven Seas (1896), Captains Courageous (1897), The Day's Work (1898), Stalky and Co. (1899), Just So Stories (1902), Trafficks and Discoveries (1904), Puck of Pook's Hill (1906), Actions and Reactions (1909), Debits and Credits (1926), Thy Servant a Dog (1930), and Limits and Renewals (1932). During the First World War Kipling wrote some propaganda books. His collected poems appeared in 1933.

Kipling was the recipient of many honorary degrees and other awards. In 1926 he received the Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Literature, which only Scott, Meredith, and Hardy had been awarded before him.

Rudyard Kipling died on January 18, 1936.

Rudyard Kipling gelangte mit seinen beiden Dschungelbüchern und dem Roman "Kim" zu Weltruhm und wurde 1907 als 1.Engländer mit dem Literaturnobelpreis ausgezeichnet. Geboren 1865 als Sohn des englischen Kurators John Lokckwood und dessen Frau Alice MacDonald in Bombay, schickten ihn seine Eltern auf eine Schule in England; danach kehrte Kipling nach Indien zurück, wo er als Journalist und Schriftsteller arbeitete und bald zum beliebtesten englischen Autor wurde. Er starb 1936 in London.


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