Visual Collaboration

A Powerful Toolkit for Improving Meetings, Projects, and Processes

Ole Qvist-Sorensen, Loa Baastrup

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"Visual Collaboration gives you a new language for collaborating on meetings, processes or projects. In a world where we need tools and approaches to tackle complexity, this book can help you come up with solutions that work." -- Nancy Duarte, CEO and bestselling author "In my current role at Microsoft I often work with teams across time zones and geographies, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and overcoming cultural or language barriers in our teams." -- Olga Svyrydenko, Education Audience Engagement Team, Microsoft "This book represents the best of whatthe field of visual facilitation has to offer.It's clear, high quality, wellstructured, concrete and practical. It is full of ah-ha's not only for anyonewanting to start workingvisually, but also for those of us who havebeen in the field for many years." -- Patrick van der Pijl, Producer of Business Model Generation and author of Design a Better Business "Visual Collaboration provides readers with a brilliant toolset and roadmap for groups working together visually. All presented in an extremely accessible visual format." -- Peter Coughlan, PhD, Saltus Consulting, Founder of IDEO's Transformation by Design Practices Visual collaboration makes teams smarter and more effective Visual Collaboration explains how any team can create a visual "language" to improve communication and collaboration on the team's most important goals. This book demonstrates how to accelerate team dialogue, engagement, and ownership with simple techniques and examples. Visual Collaboration works powerfully in a wide range of settings including meetings, strategy sessions, project planning, innovating, and business planning. To overcome resistance from team members who claim they "can't draw," the authors have developed an easy-to-apply method that helps anyone draw almost anything. Does your organization need to be agile, fast, or sustainable? When a team draws its goals, desires, and objectives, it becomes smarter and more focused. When people draw together, they learn together, and with a world in constant change, the ability to learn together is a necessity for ongoing success.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen, MA,is a Founder and Partner at Bigger Picture, a consulting firm specializing in strategy communication and visual facilitation. Loa Baastrup is a strategy consultant, visual facilitator, and Partner at Bigger Picture. She and Ole have developed, tested, and applied the methods and tools of the book in more than 500 organizations in the private, public, and civil sector.


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  • Chapter 1 Discover your visual language 38 How to develop icons for your next meeting, project, or process Design your collaboration process 76 How to create your next meeting, project, or process Chapter 3 Define key questions 104 How to formulate, prioritize, and test questions that have positive impact on your collaboration Chapter 4 Create engaging templates 146 How to turn a white canvas into a visual tool that structures and focuses your collaboration Chapter 5 Prepare to scale 182 How to enable others to use your design and tools Chapter 6 Enable group learning 202 An introduction to core concepts of visual collaboration Chapter 7 Map your skills 226 An overview of eight skills that are essential for visual collaboration Chapter 8 Activate your resources 246 Key resources needed for visual collaboration Chapter 9 Do's and dont's 264 Observations about strengths and weaknesses of visual collaboration Appendix 286 Index and inspiration for further reading