Ancient Igbo Leadership Structure

Glosses Band 2

Historical Facts:
IPOB - Indigenous People of Biafra-
Population world-wide - 80 million plus
Popular proverb - Egbe bere Ugo bere nke si ibeya eberena nku kwaaya (live and let live; if you refuse others to live, may your life be taken)
Land Mass - 29,848 square miles (77,310 km 2 ) of land, with terrestrial borders shared with Nigeria to the north and west, and with Cameroon to the east.
Location - Eastern and Southeastern Nigeria, which is inhabited primarily by the Igbo, is the most densely populated area in Nigeria, and possibly in all of Africa.
Language - Igbo and English
Resources - Crude oil, Natural gas, Coal, Cocoa, Palm-fruit, Yam, Cassava, Maize, Kola-nut...and high-quality human resource.
Weather condition - Tropical Rainforest area with average temp. of 20-25C

Biafrans are everywhere in the world today. Any sovereign nation without a Biafran man or woman living in it is a clear signal that nation is not habitable and progressive. For decades, Biafran people had been kept asunder and in near perpetual docility with overdose of covert agenda perpetrated mostly by Britain and other Caucasians to grab the abundant human and natural resources of the indigene for their selfish interests...

Environmental pollution and colossal devastation of land remain the reward for
indigenous people. Now that the long-sleeping children are gradually waking up to the ugly realities facing them; what should be the best way forward?

A leadership structure deeply rooted in universal principles of unity, love, peace and harmony which was the ideal ancestral legacy for the Igbo-Biafrans is the only viable way forward; 'live and let live'. 'Egbe bere Ugo bere'!
Amaechi Obi is author to other unique books. He speaks over five languages for having travelled widely in search of truth and wisdom.

He is a universal personality and presently lives with his awesome family in Tenerife, the Canary island of Spain.
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