Light of the Outsider

Matthew Wayne Selznick

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In this stand-alone character-driven fantasy thriller debuting a brand-new, original world, desperate people vie to find a kidnapped prince before magical and political pressures threaten the stability of the entire continent and millions of lives.

For menial palace servants Sot and Lama, the infant prince represents a means to finally escape their disappointing, stagnant lives... and each other.

The tavernkeep, Kug, is torn between duty to his family and the fate of the realm, not to mention the very real chance that all choices lead to personal ruin.

The sellsong, Talen, hides paralyzing survivor's guilt beneath brash exuberance. If he can rescue the infant prince, will he find the resolve to restore his family name and his own sense of worth?

Dennick, the sellsword with compromised loyalties, faces an impossible choice -- save the prince, or save the love of his life? Either way... will he lose everything that matters, not least himself?

Rajen is the gifted practitioner of a forbidden magickal art, forced to keep her true self hidden. The forking future holds many paths for her... will she follow the road to her future freedom, and at what cost?

And even if this disparate, desperate bunch achieve their objectives... Wresting their prize from the foul forces of a nefarious, reality-threatening plot and bringing him back alive are two different things...


Is there magic? You bet!

Crime? The whole thing's set off by a vile act. A few, in fact.

Violence? Yes. Sudden, brutal, and final.

Intrigue? Sure! The fates of a child, a city, an empire, and maybe an entire world are at stake.

LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER is a character-driven low fantasy with a touch of noir and just a hint of cosmic horror oozing between the cracks, as if George R. R. Martin ("Game of Thrones") and James Ellroy ("L. A. Confidential") had a literary love child and left the squawking sport on a filthy altar in the woods to be discovered... by you!

Matthew Wayne Selznick is a fiction and non-fiction author, developmental editor, musician, coach, consultant, and multipotentialite. He serves as Creator at Large at MWS Media.

He's the author of "Brave Men Run," the Parsec Award-nominated former Amazon Top 100 bestseller that, in 2005, had the distinction of being the first novel in history with a simultaneous initial release in paperback, multiple ebook editions, and as a free podcast. Selznick's written a sequel, "Pilgrimage," and also writes short stories, serials, and other works in a variety of storyworlds and genres.

A long-time devotee of the DIY / "punk rock" ethic, Matt's a musician and songwriter who's played in a variety of bands over the years. He's also one of the first podcasters (2004) and podcast novelists (2005), and periodically returns to that medium, most recently with Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick.

As Creator at Large at Matthew Wayne Selznick Creates / MWS Media, Matt's creative services and polymedia publishing company, he helps other authors and creators bring their creative endeavors to fruition, to market, and to an audience. MWS Media also publishes Matt's fiction, non-fiction, and music.

Matthew Wayne Selznick can be found at, where he provides opinion, advice, and recommendations on staying human while creating a successful and healthy writing life, as well as personal insights, reflections, and observations.


Einband Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsdatum 18.06.2020
Verlag MWS Media
Seitenzahl 292
Maße 22,9/15,2/1,7 cm
Gewicht 452 g
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-578-68973-9

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