Supporting Behavior for School Success: A Step-By-Step Guide to Key Strategies

A Step-by-Step Guide to Key Strategies

Kathleen Lynne Lane, Holly Mariah Menzies, Robin Parks Ennis

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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"If youre looking for a resource that can maximize your ability to manage challenging behavior in the classroom, then you should get this book. It presents strategies that are carefully selected, empirically supported, organized within a prevention-based systems approach, and presented in a user-friendly format. Supporting research for each strategy is presented and suggestions are provided for determining if the strategy is working, is being implemented with integrity, and could be modified to enhance effects. Lane et al. do a wonderful job of linking effective behavior management to improvements in school climate and the delivery of effective instruction."--George Sugai, PhD, Professor and Carole J. Neag Endowed Chair, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut "Pardon me while I stand up and applaud! This book fills a void in the educational community by focusing on low-intensity, teacher-delivered supports, with a focus on Tier 1 primary prevention efforts. As a practitioner, I found the book practical, engaging, and easy to read. The examples and implementation checklists enhanced my understanding of the practices. This is an exceptional resource for classroom teachers, professional learning communities, and those providing mentoring or coaching to teachers. Lane and her colleagues consistently publish cutting-edge research-to-practice guides that practitioners highly value."--Lisa Powers, PhD, Coordinator in Planning and Development, Special School District of St. Louis County, Missouri "Lane and her colleagues share seven useful and effective strategies for supporting student behavior in the classroom: opportunities to respond, behavior-specific praise, active supervision, instructional feedback, high-probability requests, precorrection, and instructional choice. For each strategy, the book highlights how to use it, summarizes key empirical studies, and shares practical tips for implementation. The strategies are grounded in the authors' comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered prevention model."--Brandi Simonsen, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut "This book is a rich resource for teachers, administrators, and technical assistance providers who hope to create a nurturing, engaging culture of learning. The volume serves as a step-by-step implementation guide to evidence-based behavior management strategies that can be applied immediately in any educational setting. The content is easy to digest and offers detailed guidance for strategy execution, along with the tools needed to monitor and adjust the fidelity of implementation. This is a rare and impressive contribution to the field that is certain to shape teacher practice and promote positive student outcomes."--Amy Henry, MA, education consultant, Michigan Department of Education  

Kathleen Lynne Lane, PhD, BCBA-D, is Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. Dr. Lanes research interests focus on school-based interventions (academic, behavioral, and social) with students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders, with an emphasis on systematic screenings to detect students with behavioral challenges at the earliest possible juncture. She has designed, implemented, and evaluated comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered (CI3T) models of prevention in elementary, middle, and high school settings. Dr. Lane is coeditor of the journals Remedial and Special Education and Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions. She also serves as an associate editor of Behavioral Disorders and as a member of several editorial boards. Dr. Lane is the coauthor of books including Managing Challenging Behaviors in Schools (with Holly Mariah Menzies, Allison L. Bruhn, and Mary Crnobori), Developing Schoolwide Programs to Prevent and Manage Problem Behaviors (with Jemma Robertson Kalberg and Holly Mariah Menzies), and Systematic Screenings of Behavior to Support Instruction (with Holly Mariah Menzies, Wendy Peia Oakes, and Jemma Robertson Kalberg). Holly Mariah Menzies, PhD, is Professor in the Charter College of Education at California State University, Los Angeles, and Chair of the Division of Special Education and Counseling. Her scholarly interests focus on inclusive education and school-based interventions. She serves as an associate editor of Remedial and Special Education. Robin Parks Ennis, PhD, BCBA-D, is Assistant Professor in the special education program of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Ennis worked as a special education high school teacher in both resource and inclusive settings for several years. Her research interests and numerous publications are in the areas of comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered (CI3T) models of prevention, and low-intensity/instructional strategies to support students with, and at risk for, emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Ennis serves on the executive committee of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, as an associate editor of Remedial and Special Education, and on the editorial boards of several other journals. Wendy Peia Oakes, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. Her scholarly interests include practices that improve the educational outcomes of young children with emotional and behavioral disorders, including comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered models; the implementation of evidence-based academic and behavioral interventions; and professional learning for preservice and inservice educators in implementing evidence-based practices with fidelity. Dr. Oakes is an associate editor of Remedial and Special Education and the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions. She served on the executive boards of the Council for Exceptional Children--Division for Research and the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.


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Verlag Taylor and Francis
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ISBN 978-1-4625-2140-1

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