The Acts of the Apostles: What Really Happened in the Earliest Days of the Church

What Really Happened In The Earliest Days Of The Church

Gerd Ludemann

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In Jesus After Two Thousand Years, New Testament historian Gerd Lüdemann analyzed the four traditional gospels, plus the more recently discovered Gospel of Thomas and apocryphal literature, to ascertain which of the alleged words and actions of Jesus can be judged authentic. Now in this companion volume, Lüdemann takes the same historical-critical approach to the Acts of the Apostles. Together these two in-depth studies lay the groundwork for a factually accurate history of primitive Christianity.

Although many books have been published on the Acts of the Apostles, Lüdemann's work is unique in its emphasis on establishing reliable historical facts. Other scholars have delved into Acts to discover the author's theology and the purpose of his writing. By contrast, Lüdemann examines each individual section of Acts to detect whatever tradition may lie behind it. Where possible, he offers a reasoned judgment on the historical value of every event and action described in this early Christian text.

For everyone with a desire to know what really happened in the earliest days of the Christian church, this volume is indispensable.

Gerd Ludemann is a professor of the history and literature of early Christianity at the University of Gottingen, Germany. Professor Ludemann's published conclusions about Christianity aroused great controversy in his native Germany, where the Confederation of Protestant Churches in Lower Saxony demanded his immediate dismissal from the theological faculty of his university. Despite this threat to his academic freedom, he has retained his post at the university, although the chair he holds was renamed to disassociate him from the training program of German pastors. Ludemann is also the author of Jesus After 2000 Years, Paul: The Founder of Christianity, and The Resurrection of Christ: A Historical Inquiry.


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